Home of the Strange

Imagine an unhinged Frank Sinatra crooning: Home, home of the strange Where the seer and the astrologue play Where seldom is heard a Discordian* word And the skrys are not cloudy all day. (Sorry about that, Dr. Higley. And yes, Sinatra did record Higley's original in 1946) I finally have my reading space and occult … Continue reading Home of the Strange

A Guilty Pleasure

I admit to watching almost no television (in fact, nearly zero most of the time). I became offended by its growing insipidity (not to mention cultural and moral bankruptcy) back in the early '80s and pretty much weaned myself off it. The occasional HBO or Netflix fantasy series may still capture my attention (Game of Thrones, Westworld, … Continue reading A Guilty Pleasure

The PoMo Tarot Deck Interview

If Brian Williams' Post-Modern Tarot deck from 1994 had a motto, it would be "Nobody likes a smart-ass." Williams managed to put his finger squarely on the pulse of bored, self-indulgent, late-20th-century American culture, and then tweaked its collective nose hard. I've had it since 1994 but seldom used it until recently, when I had a … Continue reading The PoMo Tarot Deck Interview

“Cheap Shots” #7 (“Unsheeping”)

I've come to view the "Christian myth" as a kind of allegory, a morality play that depicts an ethically sound and admirable way to live, rather than any kind of historical truth. Nothing wrong at all with its moral tenets, everything wrong with the patriarchal priesthood that has erected a self-serving power structure around it. … Continue reading “Cheap Shots” #7 (“Unsheeping”)