The “Undoing”

I've mentioned that I've been reading Jonathan Dee's Fortune Telling Using Playing Cards. In it he describes a "Romany" method of reading that uses reversals (apparently old playing cards weren't double-ended so you could do that easily; now you have to mark them first). In his discussion of reversals he brought up a point that … Continue reading The “Undoing”

Flipped Missives: Reversals As Insinuation

While working on my initial dream-analysis reading, I started to say that all of the reversed Wands cards in the dream scenario represented an "incursion" of Spirit into the reverie, but then I realized that, in the dream-world, visions of profound import typically don't stand up and shout in order to draw attention to themselves, … Continue reading Flipped Missives: Reversals As Insinuation

Should I or Shouldn’t I? – A “Measure of the Moment” Reading

After having spent most of the last month in my house, going nowhere but into the back yard, I've been itching to get into the outdoors and do something active. The governor here has been encouraging it, but so many people are following his advice that the parks and trails are crowded, defeating the purpose … Continue reading Should I or Shouldn’t I? – A “Measure of the Moment” Reading

The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

As is most likely apparent, I enjoy spreads that take unexpected twists and turns at some point in their journey from question to answer. This one uses reversed cards to change the direction of the flow from a typically linear, left-to-right model to a more complex, multi-tiered affair that can descend into situational ambiguity as … Continue reading The “Hopscotch” Multi-Tier Situational Awareness Spread

The Fool’s Dilemma (or “Reversal to the Rescue”)

That pesky Fool just won't stay put. Modern tarot enthusiast are accustomed to seeing it  at the head of the trump-card cycle as the null, Zero, but it hasn't always been that way. In decks that predated the esoteric tinkering of the 19th-Century "Occult Revival," the Fool usually remained unnumbered to permit its use as … Continue reading The Fool’s Dilemma (or “Reversal to the Rescue”)

The Significance of Reversed Cards

The appearance of reversed (“upside-down”) cards in a tarot reading is a source of endless confusion for novice readers who are still struggling to understand the upright meanings. Many simply throw in the towel and avoid dealing reversed cards, which is often recommended by tarot teachers and books, at least until more experience has been … Continue reading The Significance of Reversed Cards