Stemming the Tide

Tarot deck buying is an addictive pleasure. I know a few people who have thousands of them. Those who grouse that you actually  need only one deck to ply your trade (if you're a professional) or explore your inner landscape (if you're not) obviously haven't felt the potent allure of the "next big thing." There … Continue reading Stemming the Tide

The “Fool’s Itinerary” Success Path Spread

This spread assumes that there are two ways to contemplate the likely success of any endeavor: the "easy way" and the "hard way." It includes a three-card planning stage, a "trigger" card and a choice of paths dictated by the orientation of the trigger card, either upright or reversed. It is necessary to allow reversals … Continue reading The “Fool’s Itinerary” Success Path Spread

Daily-Draw Tones and Overtones: Variations On a Theme

I've found over many years of working with them that single-card daily draws are more useful for showing the background "tone" of the upcoming day than for trying to pinpoint specific activities or events. They are too limited in scope to effectively convey all of the ramifying "overtones" that can accompany the main theme, which … Continue reading Daily-Draw Tones and Overtones: Variations On a Theme

Weather or Not: An Event-Planning Spread

This spread serves two purposes: its more obvious aim is to forecast the likely weather conditions for a planned outdoor event or travel situation. Its more abstract objective is to serve as a data-collection tool for determining how effective prediction is with the cards. One of the chief weaknesses in cartomantic prognostication is that so … Continue reading Weather or Not: An Event-Planning Spread

A Project Management Reading Update: Landscaping Completion

A while back I posted a reading about a landscaping project at our new home that had been delayed since mid-December of last year due to winter weather constraints. It was supposed to be finished by the end of June but didn't even get started until a week after that. The decision-point in my reading … Continue reading A Project Management Reading Update: Landscaping Completion

Long-Distance Travel Forecast: Return Trip

UPDATE: We did hit delays in the mountains of eastern Pennsylvania, where it was extremely foggy and slushy, and the road maintenance was less than stellar. Then there was a combination of poor visibility and three accidents between Connecticut and Massachusetts that caused more minor slow-downs. We lost maybe an hour overall. Original Post: My … Continue reading Long-Distance Travel Forecast: Return Trip

The “Parallel Universe” Dual-Timeline Spread

I've been reading Caitlin Matthews' new book, Untold Tarot, and came across an idea that I've seen before and even applied once in a slightly different way, but it inspired me to reconsider and approach it from a fresh perspective. She takes a trump card (her example was the Moon) and draws a single card to place … Continue reading The “Parallel Universe” Dual-Timeline Spread