Hit the Road, Jack: The “World of Hurt” Missing-Person Spread

UPDATE: This spread has been modified to give a better idea of the subject's condition, both at the time of the reading and the time pf discovery. In working with and discussing my current missing-person spread (the "Train to Nowhere"), I came to the conclusion that, while it offers considerable finely-tuned detail regarding the possible … Continue reading Hit the Road, Jack: The “World of Hurt” Missing-Person Spread

The Fool’s Debut Revisited

If you've been following this blog for a while, you will have noticed that I've been making increasingly broader use of the "quintessence" card, a numerical roll-up of the cards in a spread that, when numerologically reduced as necessary to yield a number below 22,  produces a trump card offering high-level insights on the situation … Continue reading The Fool’s Debut Revisited

The Pentagram of Air Spread

This is the last of my "Invoking Pentagram" spreads. It begins with an emotional urge to clarify one's thinking on a subject of interest (Water); crystallizes that impulse into workable ideas (Air); acts creatively on those thought-forms (Fire);  addresses the ethical and moral implications of such actions (Spirit); and experiences the practical outfall of the … Continue reading The Pentagram of Air Spread

The Pentagram of Water Spread

The third iteration in my series of "Invoking Pentagram" spreads is focused on interpersonal relationships of all kinds: building, maintaining and repairing them. It begins with the "ideal" of harmonious communion (the Air position), moves toward emotional fulfillment (Water), and plays out in pragmatic (Earth), moral (Spirit) and self-actualizing ways (Fire). It is intended to … Continue reading The Pentagram of Water Spread

The “Fifth Element” Spiritual Input Spread

Consider this the “bonsai” version of the Tree of Life spread. It cuts right to the Abyss and doesn't sweat the small stuff. (Don't try this at home, kids!) The “Fifth Element” of the title is that of Spirit – the “Quintessence” - here represented principally by the hidden Sephiroth Da'ath, suggesting that Spirit knows … Continue reading The “Fifth Element” Spiritual Input Spread