The Moon, Pisces and the High Priestess

Since we've been having an interesting discussion about the nature of the High Priestess, I thought I would refresh a debate we once had on the Aeclectic Tarot forum about its astrological assignment and that of the tarot Moon. First some background that will bring this into focus. Someone asked about the difference between the … Continue reading The Moon, Pisces and the High Priestess

Numerological Fun with the Trumps

I was thinking today about the ways that the Major Arcana cards tie together numerologically. Except for the Fool, all of them have what Phillip and Stephanie Carr-Gomm call "numerological counterparts:" trump cards whose numbers when subject to mathematical reduction result in a lower-numbered card with which the original card can be seen as having … Continue reading Numerological Fun with the Trumps

The In-between

In a recent essay on David Spangler's (he of the pioneering New Age pedigree) Lorian Association website (see "Strange Attractors" at, Susan Beal described how she eventually resolved the apparent conflicts between her inner and outer worlds - those of private spiritual practice on one hand and routine daily existence on the other - … Continue reading The In-between

“Cheap Shots” #15: Moon Madness

No subject is prone to more mass confusion across various systems of divination than that of the Moon. In astrology it's the archetypal Mother, nurturing and emotionally effusive, connected with memory and the subconscious mind as well as psychic awareness. As one of the three main building-blocks of the personality, it has much to do … Continue reading “Cheap Shots” #15: Moon Madness