Cheap Shots Redux: Any Excuse Will Do

As I contemplate the flood of new tarot decks on the market (some of which are even offered as "New Tarot,"  apparently to signify a cultural shift), I'm struck by the impression that many of them are just an excuse to circulate portable artwork of a personal nature with little regard for the metaphysical and … Continue reading Cheap Shots Redux: Any Excuse Will Do

Transitional Cards

I use two different numerical models in my work with the minor (or "pip") cards of the tarot: the Pythagorean sequence that exhibits an increasingly complex geometric progression, and the Qabalistic  numeration based on the descent of the sephiroth on the Tree of Life. Both explain the emergence of formless "archetypal energy" from a primal … Continue reading Transitional Cards

The Rhythms of the Universe

In his 1975 book The Tarot, one of my favorite studies of the esoteric and psychological complexion of the Major Arcana, Richard Cavendish mentions while describing the Chariot that "numerologically the number seven governs the underlying rhythms of the universe." I have always subscribed to Aleister Crowley's assumption that the seventh sephira of the qabalistic … Continue reading The Rhythms of the Universe

A “Spiritual Release” Spread

Many of us spend years seeking the most inspiring and rewarding personal path to spiritual enlightenment (or at least those of us do who refuse to swallow the "faith" pill). I envision both a philosophical and a mystical trajectory to this goal, depending on whether one is predominantly a "thinker" or a "feeler." For those who aren't sure, here is a layout to help … Continue reading A “Spiritual Release” Spread