The “Morpheus Effect” Dream Message Example Reading

I took the opportunity to use the fascinating dream I posted recently to test the subject spread; most of my dreams have been too inconsequential to serve that purpose. The deck here is Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams, an ideal vehicle for this subject.   A images copyright U.S Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT … Continue reading The “Morpheus Effect” Dream Message Example Reading

A Curious Contact

I very seldom have memorable dreams that stay with me long after waking, but the following is a noteworthy exception. Although I'm of divided mind on the existence of “spirit guides,” this certainly seemed to represent that kind of contact. It's something I should probably pursue more purposefully, since the last time I had such … Continue reading A Curious Contact

The “Morpheus Effect” Dream Message Spread

I sometimes encounter interest in a dream-analysis spread but never created one specifically for that purpose. However, the effect of dreams on waking life might be considered similar to the impact of past-life experiences on present-life circumstances, and I do have a couple of those. I tweaked one to make it work for dream scenarios. … Continue reading The “Morpheus Effect” Dream Message Spread