The 3-Card “Twist” Advice Spread

I'm intrigued by surprise endings in tarot readings, which I usually achieve through face-down "hidden" cards. But here is a spread that uses the successive "facing" of the randomly-drawn cards to offer the possibility of a "twist" or emphatic bend in the flow of the narrative. This spread requires the use of reversals to populate … Continue reading The 3-Card “Twist” Advice Spread

A “Rotational Bias” Mixed-Media Decision-Making Spread

Here is another "mixed-media" spread, in this case using a coin-flip to determine the direction in which to deal and read the cards. It requires pulling "clockwise" cards from the top of the deck and "counter-clockwise" cards from the bottom. Reversals may be used with this spread.

The “Elemental Crossing” Decision-Making Spread

Here is a decision-making spread that uses Elemental Dignities and the compatible or incompatible divinatory nature of cards in combination to identify which of four resolution modes appears to be the most favorable. The central "focus" card for the decision can either be selected intentionally in advance or pulled randomly during the deal. Reversals may … Continue reading The “Elemental Crossing” Decision-Making Spread

The “Carrot and Stick” Situational Development Spread

This is a type of decision-making spread that examines the odds of success or failure in any significant change scenario. It requires separating the deck into two stacks, one with only the minor cards and the other with the court and trump cards. The two sets are dealt separately into a "three-plus-three" array with the … Continue reading The “Carrot and Stick” Situational Development Spread

The “Ring Pass Not” Critical Decision-Making Spread

I'm a firm believer in the idea that tarot can aid us in making momentous and potentially life-changing decisions as long as a judicious method is devised for applying its testimony. Like the old caveat about astrology ("The stars don't compel, they impel"), the cards in a reading should be treated as either encouraging or … Continue reading The “Ring Pass Not” Critical Decision-Making Spread

The “Crossroads of Opportunity” Spread

Whenever inspiration for my next post fails me, I turn to creation of a new spread. This one plays off my fascination with inserting unknown qualities (in this case, face-down cards) into my layouts, the implications of which are revealed through certain selective operations. Other than that feature, this is a fairly standard multi-path decision-making … Continue reading The “Crossroads of Opportunity” Spread

The “Last Word” Positional Awareness Spread

This is a decision-making spread and a variant of my typical "situational awareness" approach. In this case, the decision involves whether a position being maintained or contemplated by the querent in a particular situation is in fact tenable, or whether  the advisability of sustaining or pursuing it should be reconsidered. The positional meanings are self-explanatory. … Continue reading The “Last Word” Positional Awareness Spread