What We Believe

It goes without saying that belief in the validity of divination is key to being able to do it with conviction. But what, exactly, is the object of our faith? Does our certainty have to be unalloyed and unsalted with skepticism or is there room for healthy doubt? I often contemplate what it means to … Continue reading What We Believe

The Importance of “Focus”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: While ordering my thoughts for this essay, I toyed with the idea of talking about "landscape" and "distance" (near, middle and far) as displayed in the scenic cards of the tarot, since both imply "action in the world" (Alejandro Jodorowsky's supple phrase) that can be explored during the interpretation. But then I realized … Continue reading The Importance of “Focus”

The Further Adventures of “Gaze and Regard”

I've written in the past on the topic of "facing, gaze or regard" between two adjacent tarot cards that include human or human-like beings in their iconography, and what their juxtaposition in a spread means for the narrative when they are either facing toward or away from one another. (Simply put, one suggests "seeing eye-to-eye" … Continue reading The Further Adventures of “Gaze and Regard”

Prediction, Projection and Confirmation Bias

What is divination anyway? The popular scientific view is that it is pure conjecture with no quantifiable basis; the religious opinion is that it is forbidden by scripture; for the average person it is primarily a subject of idle curiosity. Detractors have coined (or co-opted) the phrase "confirmation bias" (which seems to draw on the … Continue reading Prediction, Projection and Confirmation Bias

An NFL Football Forecast: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills, January 8, 2023

UPDATE: Looks like the odds-makers were right: Bills 35 - Patriots 23. The game was deadlocked at halftime, but the Bills broke it open in the third quarter while the Patriots went flat; the win was by almost two touchdowns rather than the one TD the cards predicted (at least they got the winning team … Continue reading An NFL Football Forecast: New England Patriots at Buffalo Bills, January 8, 2023