A “Psychometric” Yes-or-No Reading Approach

The dilemma of how to handle "yes-or-no" questions (or whether to even attempt answering them) is one that all tarot readers must confront sooner or later. I've tried numerous ways, both simple and complicated, to solve the problem and a few years ago I created a table of what I dubbed "Yes-Leaning," "No-Leaning" and "Maybe" … Continue reading A “Psychometric” Yes-or-No Reading Approach

The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread

Here is a spread for you "left-brained" types who appreciate a more deductive, methodical approach to tarot reading when warranted. It can be used when the opportunity for any kind of significant investment arises; this can be a financial initiative or any other commitment involving one's time or resources. Note that if you are of … Continue reading The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread

A Best-Case/Worst-Case “Offset” Spread

Here's an unusual spread that requires a "prepared" deck with favorable and unfavorable sub-packs; the cards' nominal "good" and "bad" qualities are based on my personal system, which applies Aleister Crowley's essays and keyword meanings from the Book of Thoth. The model also employs some occult number theory (see Joseph Maxwell's The Tarot), in that … Continue reading A Best-Case/Worst-Case “Offset” Spread

Fortuna’s Spiral: A “Make-Your-Own-Luck” Spread

I find inspiration for new spreads in some unusual places. While reading a long dissertation by C.S. Lewis on De Consolatione Philosophiae by 6th-Century Roman statesman/philospher Anicius Manlius Severinus Boethius, I encountered a passage contrasting "Fortune" (here called "Providence") and "Destiny" (or "Fate"): "That which 'in the citadel of the divine simplicity' is Providence, when … Continue reading Fortuna’s Spiral: A “Make-Your-Own-Luck” Spread

A “Binary Dilemma” Example Reading

I was asked to do a reading to determine whether the casual acquaintances between a couple and two others can be expected to blossom into real friendship. This "yes-or-no" question presented a perfect opportunity to test-drive my new approach to binary inquiries. I selected the Conver Ben-Dov Tarot de Marseilles for this reading, and used … Continue reading A “Binary Dilemma” Example Reading

The “Light-and-Shadow” Decision-Making Spread

The "Holy Grail" of decision-making advice is the simple, straightforward "yes-or-no" answer: "Should I or shouldn't I? Will she or won't she? Is it or isn't it?" There are numerous short spreads that strive for this goal; this isn't one of them. It recognizes that every sunny street has a shady side, and a ray … Continue reading The “Light-and-Shadow” Decision-Making Spread

A Simple Yes-or-No Spread

Answering straightforward yes-or-no questions in a clean, simple way has never been easy with the tarot because the cards are highly nuanced, telling complex stories rather than pronouncing clear-cut verdicts. Different approaches have been tried, including single-card pulls that rely on the general positive or negative nature of the card drawn, or - even more … Continue reading A Simple Yes-or-No Spread