The “Flying Wedge” Redirection Spread

I've created spreads in the past based on the idea that the appearance of reversed cards in the sequence will cause a shift in the overall focus of the reading from an overt perspective to a more covert or indirect one. But the draw always proceeded from the top of the deck, which meant that … Continue reading The “Flying Wedge” Redirection Spread

The “Blame Game” Spread

The idea of assigning accountability (or more bluntly, "blame") for challenges encountered in a situation being addressed in a tarot reading continues to fascinate me. Not that I think we need to do it, or that it's even productive, just that it's often on a sitter's mind when the matter at hand is particularly elusive … Continue reading The “Blame Game” Spread

A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

One of my "pet" notions is that people seeking a tarot reading who are experiencing difficulties in their lives love to identify someone or something else to blame for their troubles, whether or not they choose to admit it. The usual "past/present/future" spread design is somewhat imprecise in pinning down the likely "drivers" for these … Continue reading A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

A “Psychometric” Yes-or-No Reading Approach

The dilemma of how to handle "yes-or-no" questions (or whether to even attempt answering them) is one that all tarot readers must confront sooner or later. I've tried numerous ways, both simple and complicated, to solve the problem and a few years ago I created a table of what I dubbed "Yes-Leaning," "No-Leaning" and "Maybe" … Continue reading A “Psychometric” Yes-or-No Reading Approach

The “Nature of the Evidence” Situational Challenges Spread

This spread uses the rank (minor, court or trump) of a majority of the cards pulled to show the projected urgency or intensity of any challenges present or anticipated in a developing situation. Because it is likely that "ties" will occur (such as a "2-2-1" distribution), one or two "tie-breaker" cards should be pulled and … Continue reading The “Nature of the Evidence” Situational Challenges Spread

A Chess-Inspired Major Problem-Solving Spread

When I think of it (which is often) our handling of a complex problem might be equated to the moves in a chess game, where we are angling for position and control of the "board." Here is a layout that amounts to an "exploded" version of the standard "action/reaction/resolution" spread that gives a detailed picture … Continue reading A Chess-Inspired Major Problem-Solving Spread

“Facing the Future” – A Decision-Making Advice Spread

Thinking about a recent question on "stay or go" decisions, I created a deceptively simple spread that uses random court-card facing to choose one of four three-card decision paths to show the advice and the short and long term consequences of the decision. It uses a "prepared" deck and the quintessence method. (Note that "gaze" … Continue reading “Facing the Future” – A Decision-Making Advice Spread

The Literal Tarot: 266 Unique Tarot Spreads and Commentary

Some of you have been after me for years to do it, so I finally did: published my book of tarot spreads. These spreads were created over an 11-year period; most of them have been shared in the online community (Aeclectic Tarot, Tarot Professionals, this blog, etc.) over the years and a few were published … Continue reading The Literal Tarot: 266 Unique Tarot Spreads and Commentary

The “Solunar” Situational Development and Outcome Spread

When I was a young fisherman and knew nothing about astronomical cycles, I used to ponder the "solunar tables" that purported to forecast the best fishing times. I never did completely fathom them, but most used the daily position of the Moon (Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Overhead, Moon Underfoot); some added Sunrise and Sunset; a few … Continue reading The “Solunar” Situational Development and Outcome Spread