“Adjectivitis” – The Tarot Writer’s (and Reader’s) Albatross

I have to confess that the comma is my enemy, particularly when it is used to link an endless array of modifiers that would be best boiled down into a single compelling noun or trenchant adjective (for that matter, the more sophisticated semi-colon is at most a "friend with benefits" and not a faithful consort … Continue reading “Adjectivitis” – The Tarot Writer’s (and Reader’s) Albatross

Tarot as “Projection”

There is a common belief among those who dismiss tarot reading as a naive exercise in self-deception that the results are merely a fanciful "projection" of the seeker's fondest dreams or deepest fears, and that the agency of the cards cannot reliably come up with unbiased testimony about future circumstances. In my opinion, this argument … Continue reading Tarot as “Projection”

Tarot Reading and “Psychic Vampirism”

As it frequently does, the subject of defending oneself against negative influences while reading the cards for other people came up again on one of the Facebook tarot pages. I usually approach this perceived vulnerability as Astral Plane intrusion (think "Ouija board") but it is even more likely to come from the person across the … Continue reading Tarot Reading and “Psychic Vampirism”