The Diviner’s Duty

Although I frequently encounter the sentiment in online discussions, nowhere have I read that it is the solemn duty of a diviner to make a querent "feel good" about the outcome of a reading. Empowered? Hopefully. "Forewarned and forearmed?" Whenever warranted. Enlightened? Absolutely. But not necessarily cheered or encouraged by the prospects described in the … Continue reading The Diviner’s Duty

The “Landscape” As We Know It

AUTHOR'S NOTE: You knew I would get back to the topic of "landscape," just not in the way I originally envisioned. I've written in the past about the enormous outpouring of new tarot decks (apparently due to the advent of self-publishing where their worthiness to see the light of day doesn't have to be demonstrated … Continue reading The “Landscape” As We Know It

Divination As Self-Sabotage

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Although I'm unimpressed by much that passes for tarot wisdom on the YouTube channels, I believe I've found a kindred spirit in "Balthazar" at the Balthazar's Conjure site ( While most of his recent output is focused on practical magic and related occult disciplines rather than exclusively on divination, his historical content is … Continue reading Divination As Self-Sabotage

The Art and Science of Precise Tarot Reading

AUTHOR'S NOTE: It's no secret that I'm both an esoteric theorist and a conceptual minimalist in my approach to tarot card interpretation, although as a reader I consider myself first-and-foremost a creative storyteller with a flair for inspiration, imagination and ingenuity in my narrative output. The purpose of this essay is to explore ways to … Continue reading The Art and Science of Precise Tarot Reading

Aleister Crowley: “Hierophant” or “Devil?”

I'm now reading Alejandro Jodorowsky's commentary in The Way of Tarot about the number Five and its "decimal equivalency" in the Pope (Hierophant) and the Devil. One passage struck me as an accidental portrait of Aleister Crowley as an exemplar of what Jodo is talking about: "The Five of Wands represents two temptations: sublimating the … Continue reading Aleister Crowley: “Hierophant” or “Devil?”

The Court Cards as “Decimal Equivalents”

I've been working with the concept of "Theosophical reduction" (adding together and reducing the digits of a composite number to produce a simple, one-factor sum) for so long that I've been more than a little skeptical of Alejandro Jodorowsky's notion of "decimal equivalency" between the double-digit and single-digit cards of the Major Arcana. His premise … Continue reading The Court Cards as “Decimal Equivalents”