Spiritual Realism and Fuzzy Logic

In keeping with my life-long aversion to the "father-knows-best" model of authoritarian determinism, I tend to avoid "isms" of any kind. But in contemplating my approach to spiritual matters in general, I was casting around for a definition that does the same thing for me that "scientific materialism" does for the pure rationalist. I consider … Continue reading Spiritual Realism and Fuzzy Logic

The “Morpheus Effect” Dream Message Example Reading

I took the opportunity to use the fascinating dream I posted recently to test the subject spread; most of my dreams have been too inconsequential to serve that purpose. The deck here is Ciro Marchetti's Tarot of Dreams, an ideal vehicle for this subject. https://parsifalswheeldivination.com/2020/07/11/a-curious-contact/   A images copyright U.S Games Systems, Inc, Stamford, CT … Continue reading The “Morpheus Effect” Dream Message Example Reading

The “Six Particulars” Past-Life-Reading Spread

I often see people online asking whether anyone does past-life readings with the tarot. I've only had prior experience with psychic past-life readings, but it seemed like a reasonable proposition so I created this spread to attempt it. I could only come up with six questions that were broad enough to be answered with the … Continue reading The “Six Particulars” Past-Life-Reading Spread

An Astro-Tarot Meditation Aid

Aleister Crowley said that the ideal way to become intimately acquainted with the Major Arcana of the tarot as "living beings" is meditation (although divination is the most practical way for the uninitiated). In his book The Druidry Handbook, John Michael Greer observed that the noisy Western mental machinery is not amenable to the Eastern … Continue reading An Astro-Tarot Meditation Aid