The Case for the “Rescue Person” (A Crisis-Intervention Spread)

The modern phenomenon of the "rescue dog" (or cat, rabbit, hamster, pig, horse, etc) is well-known. These are domestic animals that are captive strays or that are being abandoned by their owners, who don't want or for some reason can't keep them. Older or infirm pets are frequently on the road to euthanization and rescue … Continue reading The Case for the “Rescue Person” (A Crisis-Intervention Spread)

A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

One of my "pet" notions is that people seeking a tarot reading who are experiencing difficulties in their lives love to identify someone or something else to blame for their troubles, whether or not they choose to admit it. The usual "past/present/future" spread design is somewhat imprecise in pinning down the likely "drivers" for these … Continue reading A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

A Chess-Inspired Major Problem-Solving Spread

When I think of it (which is often) our handling of a complex problem might be equated to the moves in a chess game, where we are angling for position and control of the "board." Here is a layout that amounts to an "exploded" version of the standard "action/reaction/resolution" spread that gives a detailed picture … Continue reading A Chess-Inspired Major Problem-Solving Spread

“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – A Needs-Analysis Spread

The premise behind this spread is that what we want may not be what we need, but what we need may not be something we deserve (the "karmic" perspective), while what we get may be something entirely different. The title is based on the bombastic Rolling Stones song. Tarot de Marseille author Paul Marteau believed … Continue reading “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – A Needs-Analysis Spread

The “Left Brain/Right Brain” Split-Decision Spread

AUTHOR"S NOTE: I will follow this up shortly with an example reading showing how it is to be used. To help resolve the endless debate (or perhaps to generate more debate) on whether an allusive, intuitive approach to reading the cards or a literal, logical one is most informative, I decided to create a spread … Continue reading The “Left Brain/Right Brain” Split-Decision Spread

“Passing the Monkey” – A Problem-Solving Spread

We have all been in situations that make us squirm uncomfortably, wishing with all our heart that we could "get off the hot seat" or "out from under the microscope." I was just reading some commentary about an old Harvard Business Review book titled Management Time: Who’s Got the Monkey? by William Oncken and Donald … Continue reading “Passing the Monkey” – A Problem-Solving Spread

The “Friends & Enemies” Situational Awareness and Response Spread

Multi-person conflicts can be tricky because the querent doesn't always know going into the situation exactly who is a staunch friend and who an undeclared enemy, and how the involvement of each will affect the outcome; in addition there may be veiled factions in both camps that could act as "wild cards," radically changing the … Continue reading The “Friends & Enemies” Situational Awareness and Response Spread

“Walking the Line” – A Situational Awareness & Response Spread

My father's generation had a number of colorful threats aimed at bringing unruly kids back into line. These began with "You're walking a fine line, Mister!" and ended with a thunderous "You're cruisin' for a bruisin'!!!", the second one thankfully almost never executed; delivered with enough intensity, the ominous alliteration was enough to compel immediate … Continue reading “Walking the Line” – A Situational Awareness & Response Spread

A “Human Dynamics” Situational Posture Spread

When I worked in corporate business, one of the major preoccupations of senior management was assessing the influence of "human factors" (which really meant human strengths and weaknesses as addressed in policies and procedures) on company performance. In tarot terms, the posture we assume in any situation is similarly affected by the "human dynamics" attending … Continue reading A “Human Dynamics” Situational Posture Spread