Game of Thrones: Who Makes It To The End?

Here is the reading I promised yesterday. The goal was to see which of the remaining Game of Thrones characters that amount to anything are still standing (and still human) at the end of the season. First I shuffled and dealt the ten tarot significator cards into a line (try shuffling ten cards sometime, it … Continue reading Game of Thrones: Who Makes It To The End?

Shootout: Tarot vs. Lenormand

One of the advantages of having more than one arrow in your cartomantic quiver is that you have choices as to which one to bring to the target. The disadvantage is that you have to choose. My main reading tool from 1972 until 2012 was the tarot, and specifically the Thoth deck. But when I … Continue reading Shootout: Tarot vs. Lenormand

The Knights’ Crossing: A Lenormand Experiment

One of the challenges with small Lenormand spreads when using a subject-matter "topic" card - Tree for health, Fish for money, Heart for romance, House for domestic affairs, Ship for travel, etc. - is that the assigned card may not appear in the layout at all if it isn't pre-positioned. This isn't a problem with … Continue reading The Knights’ Crossing: A Lenormand Experiment

“Hear All About It” – Lenormand “News” Cards

I have always understood that the Rider is the primary "news-bearer" among the Lenormand cards. However, in reading back through some of my published material, I came across a couple of distinctions. The Rider often represents news that is delivered in person, while the Letter indicates receipt of a written missive, whether through the post … Continue reading “Hear All About It” – Lenormand “News” Cards

Lenormand Crossovers: Breaking the Chain

For the tarot enthusiast aspiring to master Lenormand reading, there are several cards common to both systems that stubbornly resist shedding their tarot trappings during the transition. Interestingly, they all appear in sequence in the tarot: the Tower (XVI), the Star (XVII), the Moon (XVIII) and the Sun. (XIX).  Since their Lenormand counterparts, at least by title, … Continue reading Lenormand Crossovers: Breaking the Chain