Carpe Momentum!

Recently, on the Tarot Professionals Facebook page, Marcus Katz mentioned the aphorism "The oracular moment is sacrosanct." This got me thinking about the instant in time when each tarot card is randomly drawn from the deck to populate a spread. These linked cards are imprinted with the subtle influences inherent in that temporal interval, whether … Continue reading Carpe Momentum!

Coronavirus Pandemic: A Horary Perspective

I cast a horary astrology chart to ask the same question I posed to the tarot yesterday: What are the chances for a global pandemic of the COVID-19 coronavirus? In keeping with John Frawley's recommendation, I used the Regiomontanus house system. A quick disclaimer: there is no reason to believe that my work is any … Continue reading Coronavirus Pandemic: A Horary Perspective

What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective

I've been holding off from posting this in hope that more information on the current status and location of George Cross would come to light, but there has been nothing new since my earlier tarot reading. In this horary chart I've taken a few liberties with astrologer John Frawley's methods, but the bottom line continues … Continue reading What Happened to George? – A Horary Astrology Perspective