The “War or Peace” Conflict-Resolution Spread

Here is a spread that can serve as a "first cut" to assess the advisability of taking a contemplated course of action in a conflict scenario. It's one of my "mixed-media" spreads that uses both tarot cards and dice. The outcome will either strengthen or weaken the initial urge to adopt a particular stance in … Continue reading The “War or Peace” Conflict-Resolution Spread

“Facing the Future” – A Decision-Making Advice Spread

Thinking about a recent question on "stay or go" decisions, I created a deceptively simple spread that uses random court-card facing to choose one of four three-card decision paths to show the advice and the short and long term consequences of the decision. It uses a "prepared" deck and the quintessence method. (Note that "gaze" … Continue reading “Facing the Future” – A Decision-Making Advice Spread

The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread

Here is a spread for you "left-brained" types who appreciate a more deductive, methodical approach to tarot reading when warranted. It can be used when the opportunity for any kind of significant investment arises; this can be a financial initiative or any other commitment involving one's time or resources. Note that if you are of … Continue reading The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread

The “Offering of the Dog” (OOTD) Pet-Selection Method

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I figured I'd better post this before someone on Facebook steals it and tries to claim it. (For all of you "copyright hawks," the date of creation was the date of publication, February 1, 2022.) This morning I had a little puckish fun with the Golden Dawn's Opening of the Key (OOTK) method. … Continue reading The “Offering of the Dog” (OOTD) Pet-Selection Method

The “Tarot-Cartography” Relocation Spread

Here's a little less-complicated fun with reversals. It's based on the "Astro-Cartography" model from the 1970s. This approach to relocation assumes that we have an urge to move but don't know exactly where we want to go to find the best "fit." It uses a process of elimination based on the appearance of reversed cards … Continue reading The “Tarot-Cartography” Relocation Spread

The “IF/THEN/ELSE” Decision-Making Spread

In my last essay I discussed the virtues of the three-card tarot spread as the minimum effective layout for divining any substantive issue (personally, I prefer five cards). I mentioned the typical "past/present/future" line spread and the Hegelian "thesis/antithesis/synthesis" array, but the one that piqued my interest is an approach that uses the data-routing logic … Continue reading The “IF/THEN/ELSE” Decision-Making Spread