Paired-Deck Reading #2: An Old Acquaintance

As I envisioned, the pocket-size Centennial Edition of the RWS "in a tin" is the perfect companion for Pixie's Astounding Lenormand in two-deck readings. The latter was adapted  by Edmund Zebrowski from Pamela Colman Smith's artwork, so there is an agreeable consistency in the images, and the size is roughly equivalent. I decided to do … Continue reading Paired-Deck Reading #2: An Old Acquaintance

Paired-Deck Reading #1: A Family Matter

A few of the Lenormand writers I follow have mentioned the practice of merging tarot or oracle cards with a Lenormand deck, usually by drawing a handful of cards from an alternate pack as a postscript to the Lenormand reading. I've never found this particularly useful, but lately I've been thinking how it might be … Continue reading Paired-Deck Reading #1: A Family Matter