The Three-Point Pull

One of the perennial beginner's questions is "How do you pull the cards from the deck to populate a spread?" There are many opinions on this: from the top (and occasionally from the bottom), from a splayed "fan," by holding your hand over the cards and taking the ones you intuitively "feel," etc. The old-school … Continue reading The Three-Point Pull

The “Gambler’s Cross” Spread

Although I understand why we do it, I've never been entirely satisfied with the fact that most methods of dealing the cards draw them from the top of the deck after the shuffle and cut similar to the way playing cards are dealt for games. Some readers circumvent this by pulling the cards from a … Continue reading The “Gambler’s Cross” Spread

The “Fountain of Truth” Alternate Trending Option

Even those of us who have spent decades reading the cards are sometimes compelled to come up with creative stopgap measures to "skin the proverbial cat" when our usual approach falters. Here I'm tackling what I perceive to be an inherent weakness in the traditional Celtic Cross spread: the interpretation of the "crowning" card as … Continue reading The “Fountain of Truth” Alternate Trending Option

Paired-Deck Reading #2: An Old Acquaintance

As I envisioned, the pocket-size Centennial Edition of the RWS "in a tin" is the perfect companion for Pixie's Astounding Lenormand in two-deck readings. The latter was adapted  by Edmund Zebrowski from Pamela Colman Smith's artwork, so there is an agreeable consistency in the images, and the size is roughly equivalent. I decided to do … Continue reading Paired-Deck Reading #2: An Old Acquaintance