A Tarot Spread Collection

I have compiled all of the 200+ spreads I’ve created over the last nine years in full-color PDF format and organized them by topic area in a series of folders totaling 15.5 megabytes. The categories cover Decision-Making (45 spreads); Problem-Solving (44 spreads); Relationships (19 spreads); Work and Business (9 spreads); General Life Reading (39 spreads); Health and Happiness (19 spreads); Miscellaneous Topics (24 spreads); the Celtic Cross and variants (4 spreads); and a small number of non-reading layouts for study purposes (7 spreads). I’m offering this collection for electronic purchase via email at a cost of $12USD. Contact me first so I can get your email address and then use the PayPal button at the bottom of the home page to make payment. I’ll send the files as soon as I receive notification of payment. Note that you will need an Adobe-PDF-capable device to open these files. The folder will be sent zipped in 7-Zip format, so you will need to unzip the files to access them. The 7-Zip program is free to download for PC but I’m not sure about a mobile app (although there may be a compatible one), so please check that out first if you want to go mobile.