An Augmented “Yes-or-No” Reading Method with Cards and Pendulum

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This experiment will no doubt make pendulum purists cringe, but it is intended to satisfy my personal quest for more information and greater developmental insight, neither of which is provided by the typical “yes-or-no” pendulum prediction. I also wanted to make allowances for the provisional “maybe yes” or “maybe no” answer (which could be a partial or “qualified” conclusion rather than a totally indeterminate one) while in all cases offering explanatory detail to support the results.

It’s been decades since I touched a pendulum because I always found it a bit too austere or one-dimensional for effective divination. But I just bought one to casually play around with and find out whether my opinion will change. Here I’m attempting to merge pendulum use with tarot card reading in the same way I’ve done with dice, coins and dominoes; call it one of my “mixed media” initiatives that applies an “either-or” pointer rather than a simple “yes-or-no” indicator. While it may very well be that all we need is a bare-bones “yes” or “no” response in order to advance the matter under consideration, I’ve always wanted to know more about the conditional “why” and “how” of the outcome. With tarot cards alone, it requires a judgement call to determine whether a particular card or sequence means “yes” or “no,” and I thought it would be interesting to bring the pendulum to bear on a tarot spread to make this call as a preliminary step in the reading.


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