A Different Take on the “Past/Present/Future” Outlook

One of my “pet” notions is that people seeking a tarot reading who are experiencing difficulties in their lives love to identify someone or something else to blame for their troubles, whether or not they choose to admit it. The usual “past/present/future” spread design is somewhat imprecise in pinning down the likely “drivers” for these predicaments and the root of the problem in the temporal sequence of events. I decided to separate the determination into two “arcs,” one that assumes querents are “their own worst enemy” when it comes to the cause of their woes and another that highlights potential outside influences that may dominate the situation. This spread requires judgment on the reader’s part to determine which of ten “temporal focus” cards is most closely attuned to the nature of an intentionally-chosen or randomly-drawn “Question or Situation” card placed at the center of the layout. Since life is a continuum of linked circumstances, it’s entirely possible that there could be more than one contributing factor as reflected in two or more “high-focus” cards appearing at different points in time. The card or cards that stand out as problematic “triggers” can be examined for possible ways in which their negative influence can be mitigated once identified. I would use this spread primarily where there is a legitimate dilemma to explore and not for “idle curiosity” readings. However, the two arcs could certainly be read as paired developmental curves even if no obvious, pressing complications exist.

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