A Chess-Inspired Major Problem-Solving Spread

When I think of it (which is often) our handling of a complex problem might be equated to the moves in a chess game, where we are angling for position and control of the “board.” Here is a layout that amounts to an “exploded” version of the standard “action/reaction/resolution” spread that gives a detailed picture of situational developments in the onset of a major event, as well as a “reading-within-a-reading” furnished by the “quintessence” cards that symbolize “big-picture” consequences at each turning point in the game, and a “grand quintessence” card showing where things stand with the querent upon “checkmate” (regardless of who wins; it could show either a “Pyrrhic victory” in which more is lost than gained upon winning, or a “silver lining” in what looks like defeat).

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