The Literal Tarot: 266 Unique Tarot Spreads and Commentary

Some of you have been after me for years to do it, so I finally did: published my book of tarot spreads. These spreads were created over an 11-year period; most of them have been shared in the online community (Aeclectic Tarot, Tarot Professionals, this blog, etc.) over the years and a few were published in various professional newsletters and journals (ATA, Cartomancer, etc). This brings all of them together in one 427-page volume, organized according to topic area: Career & Business; Celtic Cross Variations; Decision-Making; Health & Happiness; Miscellaneous; Problem-Solving; Psychological Awareness & Development; Relationships; and Situational Awareness. There are 266 full-color layouts with guidance for their use, as well as extensive commentary on the art of spread creation for those who want to try their own hand at it. Many of them are intended for the intermediate-to-advanced reader due to their high level of detail, but others are less-demanding and some are “just for fun.” It’s available as a PDF EBook at the Lulu Bookstore. (Note that it won’t work on Kindle.)

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