The “Solunar” Situational Development and Outcome Spread

When I was a young fisherman and knew nothing about astronomical cycles, I used to ponder the “solunar tables” that purported to forecast the best fishing times. I never did completely fathom them, but most used the daily position of the Moon (Moonrise, Moonset, Moon Overhead, Moon Underfoot); some added Sunrise and Sunset; a few included the phases of the Moon; others factored in the tides; and still others appeared to use almanac weather predictions. I think some of them were “planting tables” but the concept was similar.

Here is a tarot spread that applies the idea. It uses the diurnal nature of the Sun and the synodic nature of the Moon to suggest short-term and longer-term developments in a situation as well as the “quintessence” technique to show “big-picture” developments and a final outcome (all trump cards). As always, if a trump card you need for the “quint” appears in the draw, take it from another deck.

I didn’t get this fancy with it, but you could even mix-and-match the positional Sun and Moon cards for the quint calculations according to where each one stands at the time of the reading (Sun in the sky and phase of the Moon). I’ll have to think some more about how that would work, since the logistics might not hang together. But feel free to experiment.

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