“Spin of the Day” Card-Drawing Method

I had a minor brainstorm this morning. I have a board-game spinner that I bought to use with what I call my “multi-media” spreads. I discovered that it is an almost perfect fit for the Golden Dawn’s Chaldean correspondence wheel that I employ in my work with the Thoth deck. Spinning the pointer will indicate one of the 36 decans and its associated Minor Arcana card. This looks like a unique and interesting way to “pull” minor cards for a daily reading; the Ace, the trump and the court cards that relate to the decan can also be brought into the interpretation, but I realized long ago that the most practical daily readings are best performed with a minors-only sub-pack, especially if you’re like me and see very few other people and don’t always leave the house during the day. (One technical note: if the pointer lands “on the line” or on the same decan twice in a multi-card draw, spin again.)

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