“You Can’t Always Get What You Want” – A Needs-Analysis Spread

The premise behind this spread is that what we want may not be what we need, but what we need may not be something we deserve (the “karmic” perspective), while what we get may be something entirely different. The title is based on the bombastic Rolling Stones song.

Tarot de Marseille author Paul Marteau believed (along with many other writers) that Yellow represents the Intellect, Blue the Psyche or emotional nature, and Red the Physical world of action, so I applied that paradigm. I propose using three different decks: a cerebral deck, a more intuitive deck and a pragmatic deck for the three tiers. (Examples from my own collection would be one of Robert Place’s pristine decks; the Chrysalis Tarot; and the Anna K Tarot.)

Also, I’m thinking that since we or our sitters usually know what we want, the first card in each line could be selected intentionally and the rest will speak to the likelihood of getting it. It wouldn’t be necessary to do all tiers if a question only involves one of them.

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