A “Yin-and-Yang” Monthly Pattern

My efforts to apply the Yin and Yang principles of Chinese philosophy to the monthly cycle of the Moon via the Major Arcana of the tarot proved to be more difficult than anticipated. I suspect this is due mostly to the fact that the Moon is a quintessential symbol of the feminine Yin, and the … Continue reading A “Yin-and-Yang” Monthly Pattern

The Tens as “Disengagement”

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This meditation on the nature of Ten is an extension of my previous thoughts on the subject. I've written in the past that, esoterically speaking, the Tens of the tarot suits represent the exhaustion of the original elemental force that first appeared as pure, untrammeled spiritual energy in the Aces. This is based … Continue reading The Tens as “Disengagement”

“No Wrong Way” (But Maybe Better Ones)

I'm weary of hearing well-intentioned metaphysical mavens trumpet "There is no wrong way to read the tarot," which is usually appended with "Just do whatever you feel." I recently came across a quote from Aleister Crowley that I think is appropriate here: "There are only two operations possible in the Universe, Analysis and Synthesis. To … Continue reading “No Wrong Way” (But Maybe Better Ones)

The “Anatomy of Affirmation” Self-Actualization Spread and Example Reading

I created a self-actualization spread for rational/emotional self-work that uses a pre-selected trump card as its focus, and the idea of contrasting "hard" (rational) and "soft" (emotional) approaches with Elemental Dignities as the main determinant. I also included a tenth card under the middle "Full Face" position and called it "The Back of the Head" … Continue reading The “Anatomy of Affirmation” Self-Actualization Spread and Example Reading

The “Khayyam’s Dialectic” Spiritual Alignment Spread

As a lover of both classical poetry and metaphysical theorizing, I have long adored (not a word I use often or lightly) the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. It's full of elegant verse and philosophical profundity (and the joy of wine). I decided to use it as the basis for a tarot spread aimed at the … Continue reading The “Khayyam’s Dialectic” Spiritual Alignment Spread