The “Six Chambers of Chance” Answer Roulette Spread

Here is a spread based loosely on the casino game of roulette (with a thinly-veiled allusion to a more threatening form of roulette that may be a superior analogy depending on the seriousness of any potential consequences). It uses a range of three pre-selected “answer” cards and all 78 cards of the deck in the draw (13 cards per stack after the deal). I’m proposing the use of reversals in a creative way to yield “null” results that would take certain cards “off the plate” and permit seeking an alternate answer; specifically, if the “Worst Outcome” card comes up as the answer but it is reversed, you could take a pass on it and find the next “chance” card, either the “Best Outcome” or the “Acceptable Outcome.” The same could be done for the middle “chance” card if it appears reversed and you think you can do better, but then there is a 50% risk that the alternate answer will be worse.

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