The “Knowledge & Wisdom Ledger” – A Contrast and Complement Spread

I’m experimenting with elemental correspondences again. Here is a spread that examines how knowledge can become wisdom in the four main areas of life; it uses opposing positions in the attached Chaldean decan charts to show the contrasting or complementary energy for a drawn card. I had to do something different with the planetary trumps since they don’t appear on the wheel; so I decided to use the closest numerological counterpart as the corresponding card (for example, the World [21] relates to the Empress [2+1 =3] by theosophical reduction; the Magician [1] connects with the Wheel of Fortune [10 = 1+0 = 1]). The Fool falls out of the model, but maybe there is no wisdom to be found for the Fool.

One thing I noticed about the Chaldean decan charts is that all of the “counterpart” cards on opposite sides of the wheel are complementary by element and number even though they are astrologically contrasting by sign and in some cases by planetary energy. This tells me that I must look more deeply than elemental and numerical cooperation (which seems to be favorable in all cases) and compare the inherent nature of the cards when using the charts for this purpose.

Furthermore, in astrology the opposition of two planets carries the implications of awareness and tension. If we think of the combined effect as “alert awareness” rather than simple stress, it could be considered the “noun” in the sentence answering to “What leads to wisdom?” The discernment and judgment of a single-pointed outlook are self-referential and therefore blind to antipodal insights, while “seeing beyond the end of one’s nose” invites discourse with other, often contrary, points-of-view. In this analogy, the contribution of the decans might be seen as “qualifiers” – adjectives and adverbs that vitalize the monochromatic self-knowledge of the original subjective state.

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