A “Weekly Tone/Daily Tone” Example Reading

To test my new weekly/daily forecast spread, I used my Retro Thoth deck to perform a seven-day reading for the current week beginning Monday, February 21, 2022. I permitted reversals, but in this spread they merely represent a less evident expression of the upright influence. I’m getting good mileage out of the minor and court card titles here. (Note that the gap at the bottom-most Midweek Reset position is intentional at this point and will be populated if the first trump turns out to be of questionable precision by Wednesday or Thursday.)

The Weekly Tone Card is The Universe, suggesting that anything I start this week has a good chance of being brought to a satisfactory conclusion.

Monday’s Tone Card is the Knight of Wands (Fire of Fire), known for his enthusiasm but not for his staying power. However, the 2 of Cups (Love) and the Queen of Disks (Water of Earth) reversed should provide a sufficient sense of commitment and fulfillment to see any activities through to the end (especially in light of the weekly “tone” of accomplishment). Elementally, passive and cooperative Water and Earth overpower active Fire, subduing its restlessness and lack of focus. (For the record, my use of Elemental Dignities can be somewhat unconventional.)

Tuesday’s Tone Card is the Princess of Cups (Earth of Water), followed by the Princess of Swords (Earth of Air) reversed and the 7 of Cups (Debauch). It looks like a lazy kind of day, with the Princess of Swords dithering and not accomplishing much, and the slothful 7 of Cups craving a nap. Elementally, benign Water wins the day over listless Air, but neither seems to want the credit.

Wednesday’s Tone Card is the 5 of Cups (Disappointment), and the developmental “action-and-event” cards are the 8 of Cups (Indolence) and the 5 of Disks (Worry). This looks like the worst day of the week by far, with even less energy and optimism than Tuesday’s sluggish performance. Too much Water and not enough Earth makes for “mud” (but at least with no reversals I won’t be over my head in it). As Monty Python might have said “This is a day for lying down and avoiding.”

Thursday’s Tone Card is the 9 of Disks (Gain), supported by the 9 of Wands (Strength) and the Prince of Disks (Air of Earth). It looks like a productive day is on tap, with a good return for effort expended. Fire and Earth are elementally cooperative. and more of the latter should translate into effective and durable “works.”

Friday’s Tone Card is the 10 of Wands (Oppression), followed by the Ace of Cups reversed and the 8 of Wands (Swiftness). The is an elementally hostile combination with the already-weakened Ace of Cups beset by two fiery Wands. It could be a challenging and possibly antagonistic day emotionally; lately I’ve been considering the keywords for the 10 of Wands to include “Disengagement” and Cessation of Effort,” suggesting that I should just walk away from confrontation.

Saturday’s Tone Card is the 10 of Swords (Ruin) accompanied by the Knight of Swords (Fire of Air) and the Queen of Swords (Water of Air), both reversed; the aggravating influence of Air is overwhelming. This will be a good day to remain alert for any insidious incursions by manipulative or opportunistic people (fast-talking scammers and similar crooked operators).

Sunday’s Tone Card is the 3 of Disks reversed (Work) backed up by the resolute Knight of Disks (Fire of Earth) and the 4 of Wands reversed (Completion). This elementally agreeable combination portends an even more constructive day than Thursday’s robust outlook. The two Earth cards augmented by the concrete, resourceful Four and the overarching Saturnian Universe promise estimable (if slow to materialize) results. Only the reversals imply a diminished yield, but the impact should be negligible. This looks like a satisfying cap to an up-and-down week of pragmatic highs and emotional lows.

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