The “Reasonable Certainty” Investment Opportunity Spread

Here is a spread for you “left-brained” types who appreciate a more deductive, methodical approach to tarot reading when warranted. It can be used when the opportunity for any kind of significant investment arises; this can be a financial initiative or any other commitment involving one’s time or resources. Note that if you are of the belief that there are no “good or bad” cards and everything is in a relative state of neutrality until its nature is deduced through intuitive interpretation, this spread won’t work very well for you. However, if you are willing to acknowledge that some cards are more or less encouraging than others, you should be able to make do. The attached table of “Yes-leaning,” “Maybe” and “No-leaning” cards is my own arrangement based on a blend of standard RWS and Thoth meanings, and I have no doubt that you won’t agree with some of them; in that case just use your own experience-based judgment. As you will notice, mine is skewed slightly toward positive and neutral assumptions with the understanding that “bad” seldom means “all bad” in a way that precludes any improvement in fortune.

The idea hear is that any “Maybe” cards that come up invite a second look by working through one or two more “phases” of evaluation. If the final series is a mixed bag of the three types, a “quintessence” card can be calculated to serve as a “tie-breaker” that offers a way to resolve the uncertainty. The overall array of cards can be read as a composite “story” to examine the underlying circumstances of the decision. This can be done for the main profile by reading down the Phase 1 column and for each sub-profile by reading across the phases to add further explanatory detail to any “Maybe” scenarios. Ideally, the magnitude of the opportunity and the importance of making the right choice will justify the amount of effort involved.

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