A “Threepenny Opera” Example Reading: Arm Surgery

My wife recently fell and fractured both bones of her forearm near the wrist. They’re calling it an “unstable” fracture that will require two plates to be inserted into her arm; that surgery is scheduled for today. I performed my “Threepenny Opera” multi-deck selection method to a three-card line asking about the outcome of the surgery. I came up with two cards from the Thoth deck and one from Navigators Tarot of the Mystic SEA. This is not a past/present/future reading, just a three-card “story.”

The Knight of Swords is clearly the young, supremely self-confident surgeon whom we talked to on Wednesday. (His name is even “Dr. Fleit;” how’s that for synchronicity?)

The 3 of Swords represents the “cut” in no uncertain terms; it suggests “two bones being intercepted by a knife,” and the fragmented lotus blossom could be the random bone shards that have to be brought into line in order to heal properly. It’s interesting that Saturn governs the bones and Libra implies “getting things into balance.”

There are two ways to look at the Arch Priestess: in one scenario it could be reflecting the surgeon’s statement that they won’t really know what they’re dealing with until they get into the arm (this is an “inconclusive” outcome as far as this reading goes); the second scenario is that of pain management using “Lunar” drugs to distance her from the source of the pain. I’m inclined to go with the second interpretation. In either case, I will have to do a “post-surgery” reading to get a final answer.

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