The “Tarot-Cartography” Relocation Spread

Here’s a little less-complicated fun with reversals. It’s based on the “Astro-Cartography” model from the 1970s. This approach to relocation assumes that we have an urge to move but don’t know exactly where we want to go to find the best “fit.” It uses a process of elimination based on the appearance of reversed cards (think of them as “de-selectors”), followed by a card compatibility determination between the regional “root” card and the final upright one pulled. I tried to pick a root card for each region that made some sense (for example, the Sun for the Southeast US). The divisions don’t follow State boundaries, so exact location will be a matter of judgement, but this will get you in the ballpark.

This could be done for any country with multiple inhabitable regions or any region with multiple countries. However, too many options would make it a little crowded. It does eliminate some of the uncertainty encountered with Astro-Cartography, which told me the best place to live would be in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with no islands nearby; I lost faith in it at that point.

I was asked whether this would work for vacation planning. I don’t see why it wouldn’t. Also, would it work for relocation to anywhere in the world? I think it could, but you would have to target a limited number of countries. If one were to do this, it would be best to work without a map and just choose a set of “root” cards to represent the most likely countries. Of course, you could simply start with entire continents or subcontinents in the usual way and then repeat the layout to boil the preferred one down to a few specific countries or regions.

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