Harmony Montgomery Missing-Person Case: A Natal Horoscope Rectification Attempt

I don’t have a valid birth time and exact birthplace for Harmony, so rectification of her horoscope based on limited historical information is the only way forward in examining any transits and progressions of interest in the case. The method of rectification I use involves looking at the unrectified (usually noon) birth chart for personal planets that are in fairly close proximity to one of the angles (preferably by conjunction but other aspects will work), then adjusting the calculation to bring it (or them) into exactness. After that I look for major events in the subject’s life that might be reflected in transits and progressions to the angle involved, after which some further refinement to the math might be necessary. In Harmony’s case we have only a few facts: she disappeared around October of 2019, and she was apparently the victim of parental abuse.

I first moved the Sun to the Midheaven but didn’t see much going on. Then I noticed that Mars and the Moon in the 12th House were reasonably close to the Ascendant, and that the Mars-ruled sign Aries was on the cusp of the 8th House of “death and taxes.” Since the “hidden” 12th House emphasis would not have been a particularly useful input for rectification, I decided to move the two closer to the angle and into the 1st House while also keeping Aries on the cusp of the 8th, something I just barely managed to do. This had the happy result of both bringing Mercury into close conjunction with the MC and square to the ASC, and moving the prominent Cardinal T-square into Angular houses, increasing the visibility of its influence.

Next I looked at the slower-moving transits for October, 2019, and noticed that transiting Mars had crossed the rectified ASC on October 8th and reached its “Mars Return” position on the 22nd. This was after passing over the natal Moon on the 17th and activating the Moon/Neptune/Venus “Finger of Fate” complex, at the same time transiting Venus briefly opposed natal Venus. These look like “event triggers” to me. The other interesting thing this rectification did was place the apex planet of the T-square (Pluto in Capricorn) in the 4th House, which in this chart I would read as a forbidding male authority figure rather than a nurturing female one, and one who probably directed a good deal of “volcanic” or “seismic” Plutonian anger at Harmony; the fact that Pluto is trine to Venus in Taurus in the 8th has me thinking that some of this abuse might have been opportunistically sexual in nature (but don’t quote me on that, it’s just “Astrology 101”).

During this same period, transiting Saturn in Capricorn had separated from conjunction to natal Pluto by just over one degree of arc (looking like another longer-term trigger) and retrograde Neptune was square to the natal Sun for the whole month and beyond. The progressed Moon (a quintessential timing tool) reached exact opposition to the natal Sun in October, and if we were to be a little imaginative, we could say that the “planetary picture” Natal Sun + Progressed Moon = Transiting Neptune (with the Moon “perfecting”) shows evolving “illusions or deceptions, the undermining of associations” (Reinhold Ebertin, in part; The Combination of Stellar Influences). All of these “triggering” aspects could be quite plainly showing the “disappearance” event with some precision.

I didn’t see anything else of immediate interest but will look deeper. Overall, this seems like a strongly toxic pattern to me, and may be enough to authenticate this chart unless I come across better information.


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