Harmony: The Last Word (For Now)

AUTHOR’S NOTE: I’m “shoehorning” this post in here because of strong interest in this missing-person case.

I realized that I didn’t perform my “last word” reading for the case of Harmony Montgomery. The spread, which I characterize as showing “the quick (alive), the dead and the in-between (suffering but still alive),” is intended to demonstrate the likelihood of the subject remaining among the living. The premise is to draw two additional cards following the more comprehensive reading(s) done previously: the first one is a trump card to show whether or not the circumstances displayed in the second card are favored to prevail, followed by a minor card suggesting whether the individual is still breathing. There is a table in the link below indicating how to make this determination.

I used the Retro Thoth deck for this reading, and drew Lust (Strength) and the Ace of Disks (Pentacles) as the relevant cards.

Retro Thoth, Copyright TSZAKACS, 2021

Lust is Aleister Crowley’s version of Strength, which reflects favorable conditions for the situation to follow the course implied in the associated minor card, the Ace of Disks. (Taken literally, this card might also be interpreted as hinting that strong passions were at work in the situation as it unfolded.) Note also that the Fire of Lust and the Earth of the Ace of Disks are elementally cooperative, reinforcing the favorable impression; I consider them to be “complementary” (as distinct from “contradictory”) opposites.

In this method, Aces convey a “babe in the woods” vulnerability, which is perfectly suited to the circumstances of a five-year-old child (at the time of her disappearance). It also indicates that she had little control over her fate. In the table, the Ace of Disks reflects that the subject, while most likely still alive at the time of the reading, is at some risk. The suit of Disks (Pentacles or Coins in other decks) echoes the appearance of the King of Pentacles in the earlier “World of Hurt” reading as a “dark-haired, possibly brawny older man” who had some hidden role in the matter (her jailed father seems to meet the first two of those criteria).

Disks/Pentacles relate to Earth, suggesting that she may be “close to the ground,” although probably not “in” it (yet). By and large, though, this Ace – while more-or-less neutral in its import here – is a card of robust health if taken as describing Harmony’s physical condition, but also a card of indomitable force if directed at her. (The pornographic implications of the central image – not the wings – might be showing how that force was applied.) By way of contrast, the 10 of Disks at the other end of the suit describes almost total exhaustion, not a great harbinger for survival. (Pythagoras may have considered Ten the “perfect number,” but what did he know about tarot, eh?) However, there is a more somber way to look at the suit of Disks in its entirety: if Wands (Fire) and Swords (Air) embody the ideas of vitality and breath, Disks as Earth is pretty much devoid of those qualities (except perhaps as a product of slow, organic decomposition).

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