Harmony’s Story: A “Missing-Person Vignette”

UPDATE: An arrest was made in this case yesterday, but it was for felonious conduct prior to the disappearance. Harmony is still unaccounted-for. There seems to have been a custody battle going on, which does not bode well.


This is the second in a series of readings about the case of a missing New Hampshire girl, 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery of Manchester. Here I’m using my “Missing-Person Vignette” spread that provides a very brief overview of where a case may be headed at the time of the reading. Once again, I used the Princess of Wands as the Significator, and carried over its reversal from the previous reading to show that she is most likely under duress.

The top row shows the developing story in real-time terms. The textbook meaning of the Chariot is “Victory or triumph in mundane matters” (another non-traditional interpretation is “rapid forward movement”), which bodes well for successful closure of the case in the not-to-distant future (although it doesn’t necessarily reveal Harmony’s fate; that will come out of a later reading); the astrological timing for this card places wrap-up in the June-July time-frame. The Wheel of Fortune implies a (usually positive) change in luck, although the reversal throws a twist into the picture; perhaps something unexpected will be uncovered when “fortune smiles” on the investigation that dampens the celebration, but its significance may not be immediately recognized. The Ace of Wands reversed conveys the idea that “someone’s feet are being held to the fire,” making me believe that a suspect is close to being apprehended. (This card also resembles the downward-pointing “torch of Lucifer” in the RWS Devil image, so it might simply be “shedding light on the subject.”) I’m thinking that this scenario might be avoided if the Wheel of Fortune’s revelation is understood and brought to fruition before things get that far.

The bottom row is intended to show motivational considerations in the matter; the fact that this entire line of cards is reversed signifies that something important could be percolating just beneath the surface. Death could mean that “persons of interest” have something threatening “hanging over their heads,” such that they are stonewalling progress in the case. The Fool reversed carries the same sense of serendipity as the Wheel of Fortune reversed, although it could be more quirky; Aleister Crowley observed that this card can show “an original, subtle, sudden impulse or impact, coming from a completely strange quarter;” the reversal could make that epiphany even more astonishing – it looks like somebody might “sing.” This could be the break in the case that investigators need, but it may not be the one they would have preferred. In keeping with the “hotfoot” metaphor of the Ace of Wands reversed, the Hierophant reversed in this context might mean “unconventional interrogation methods,” always with the highest purpose in mind. But with the reversal, a perversion of intent – “inquisition” – inevitably comes to mind.

In summary, there is a suggestion that, once the Fool makes his surprise entrance, things will progress rapidly in this case. My next reading will look at Harmony’s likely condition, and may provide an indication of her fate.

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