Express Yourself

"It's not what you look likeWhen you're doin' what you're doin'It's what you're doin' when you're doin'What you look like you're doin'Express yourselfExpress yourself"- Charles Wright & the Watts 103rd Street Rhythm Band Before we moved across the State, I had an occasional tarot reading gig at a local esoteric shop and then, after the … Continue reading Express Yourself

“Two Roads Diverged . . .”

. . . and, like poet Robert Frost, I chose the one that impressed me as "less traveled by," at least in the annals of 21st Century tarot. There is an increasingly contentious "fork in the road" regarding the proper use of the tarot cards for individual edification and enlightenment. There are the very vocal … Continue reading “Two Roads Diverged . . .”

The “Stones in My Passway” Situational Spread

Here is another "tricksy" (pardon me, I'm channeling my "inner Gollum") situational spread that employs a redirected flow, this time according to elemental assignments and their "active" or "passive" nature. All of the explanatory text and instructions are included in the spread graphic. This spread is not all that different from reading a straight multi-card … Continue reading The “Stones in My Passway” Situational Spread

Why I Do It

. . . create complex and challenging tarot spreads, that is. In general, when reading the cards I prefer five-to-ten-card arrays that have explicit milestones or "signposts" for interpretation (aka step-wise position meanings), and an orderly, sensible progression between them (my "tweaked" version of the Celtic Cross is the best example of this: ). … Continue reading Why I Do It

A Best Case/Worst Case “Offset” Example Reading

I know someone who suffers from a disabling physical condition that isn't eligible for surgery, and who hasn't responded all that well to less-invasive conventional treatments. I asked what the "best-case" and "worst-case" predictions look like for this person. I used the Albano-Waite deck without reversals for the reading. In the "best-case" row, the two … Continue reading A Best Case/Worst Case “Offset” Example Reading

A Best-Case/Worst-Case “Offset” Spread

Here's an unusual spread that requires a "prepared" deck with favorable and unfavorable sub-packs; the cards' nominal "good" and "bad" qualities are based on my personal system, which applies Aleister Crowley's essays and keyword meanings from the Book of Thoth. The model also employs some occult number theory (see Joseph Maxwell's The Tarot), in that … Continue reading A Best-Case/Worst-Case “Offset” Spread

A Political “Bypass and Detour” Reading: 2022 Midterm Elections

My track record with political predictions using the tarot has been spotty at best, but I still keep trying, hoping to find the right spread to unlock the puzzle. Here I'm applying my "Bypass and Detour" Situational Spread to assess the Republican and Democratic parties' prospects for gaining seats in the US House of Representatives … Continue reading A Political “Bypass and Detour” Reading: 2022 Midterm Elections

A “Bypass and Detour” Example Reading: The Ukraine Dilemma

Here is the first test of my “Bypass and Detour” Situational Spread; I currently have no personal circumstances that are complex enough to fully exercise this spread, so I chose a situation unfolding on the world stage. The deck is the Waite-Smith "Centennial in a Tin" mini edition. I asked the question “What will be … Continue reading A “Bypass and Detour” Example Reading: The Ukraine Dilemma