A “Three-Part Cacophony” Run-Through: What Happened to Reeves?

Here is an example run-through of my “Three-Part Cacophony” reading method. I posted photos of both the “master” layout (for reference) and the cards I pulled. I’ve been working on a missing-person “cold case” in NH that has remained unsolved since 1983. Reeves Johnson went missing after picking up a hitch-hiker on his way back to NH from out West, and boarding him for a few weeks. The man left to go to Boston, never to return, and nobody knows who he was except his first name: “Richard.” When Johnson disappeared, it was discovered that his home had been burglarized and all his valuable property stolen, including his checkbook and mailbox key (both of which were later used by an unknown individual). I asked the question: “What happened to Reeves?”

Using rough Tree of Life numerical symbolism, in the master layout the Aces through Threes correspond to the (Thoth) Knights court-card pack in the “Interpersonal Zone” and the Emperor pack in the “Transpersonal” Zone. Working across, the Fours through Sixes relate to the Queens pack and Empress pack (I call the Emperor and Empress packs together the “human element”); the Sevens through Nines accompany the Princes pack and the Sun pack (the impersonal “process” cards); and the Tens stand alone with the Princesses pack and the Devil pack (the “challenge” cards). The minor card that’s pulled first in the “Personal Zone” starts the selection procedure for the other two zones.

I pulled the Ace of Disks from the minor-card subset first, and then the Knight of Disks and the Hierophant based on that “pointer” card. Next, without reshuffling, I pulled four more minor cards to “flesh out” the Ace of Disks. I pulled the Ace of Wands, the 3 of Disks, the 6 of Disks and the 10 of Wands. Lots of Earth and Fire here.

First off, it looks like there could have been a rather intense “head-to-head” confrontation (the two Aces), and the 10 of Wands at the end suggests that the Ace of Wands person “did in” the other guy (mode of death most likely “blunt force trauma”). The 3 of Disks (“Work”) has me thinking that the winner of the conflict “dug a hole” and the 6 of Disks that the loser is “six-feet-under.” Some off this is pure “free-association,” of course.

The Knight of Disks could be showing that there is now a competent and dedicated detective assigned part-time to the case to refresh it, and the Hierophant that he has official sanction to pursue it to closure (both reportedly true). This is all off the top of my head for the purpose of illustration, but it isn’t out of line with my previous work on the case. Although I didn’t try it here, it could also be revealing to use the 6 of Disks and the 10 of Wands to add to both the “Interpersonal” and “Transpersonal story-lines from the Queens/Empress and Princesses/Devil chains.

“What Happened to Reeves?”
“Three-Part Cacophony” Master Layout

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