A New Address: Parsifal the Scribe

UPDATE: You can now follow me at this link. What I’m doing right now is culling my old posts for those that are the most thought-provoking and reposting them on Medium. This will give a more concentrated picture of my overall stance on divination as an esoteric art, without having to wade through the more incidental material. I will eventually get around to new writing.


After researching available blog hosting options, all of which would be more expensive than WordPress, I’ve decided to create an anonymous account on Medium under the username “Parsifal the Scribe.” Medium is a sprawling writer’s site, so it may be difficult to find me there. It looks like the category listings will be the best place to identify my material. At present, there is no “Tarot” category, but there are several pertinent ones: Astrology; Spirituality; Self; Philosophy; Mindfulness; etc. I will be careful to narrow it down so you won’t have to wade through hundreds of posts to locate mine. At the moment I’m staying with a free account but if it works out I may take advantage of the enhanced features of membership for $5 a month. So far there is nothing of mine out there; give me a week or so to get my bearings and start posting. I hope to see you there.

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