“My Way, Your Way or the Highway” Conflict-Resolution Spread

We’ve all heard of the expression “It’s my way or the highway!” as the take-it-or-leave-it crowing of someone who holds the upper hand in a disagreement and is rubbing the other person’s nose in it. I decided to use that concept in a conflict-resolution spread in which dice and cards are consulted to indicate whether one of two antagonists holds the winning hand or whether it’s a “no-win” situation for both, necessitating a different approach. Note that “The Highway” is essentially an admission of defeat and not an “our way” option since mediation is generally not the best solution for either party (both must compromise). In most cases, upright cards in series retain the advantage in the current row while any reversed card shifts it to another row, indicating a “sea change” in events or circumstances. Except in the “Highway” scenario, reversal suggests immediately losing the advantage while an extended series of upright cards can imply overconfidence that produces the same result over time. Usually, three cards in series shows an entrenched advantage, but if the other party hasn’t reached that point and “The Highway” dominates overall, two cards in a row can mean a slight edge that can be leveraged in mediation.

My Way, Your Way or the Highway Spread.JPG

4 thoughts on ““My Way, Your Way or the Highway” Conflict-Resolution Spread

  1. I have my own deck, but I’m still working on the basics of feeling the energies from the cards, (and shuffling skills Lol!) I just am not sure my intuition is strong enough in my process – however, any words of advice are welcomed too 😉

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