The “Boss from Hell” – A Riff on Mastery

I’ve never been satisfied with the accepted notion that the 3 of Pentacles represents the “master craftsman” while the 8 of Pentacles shows an “apprentice.” The number Three appears early in the numerical sequence and is therefore relatively undeveloped; in the suit of Earth it portrays a golden opportunity to “learn the ropes” but not the full flowering of perfected labor which reaps its reward in the 9 of Pentacles through the diligence of the Eight. In the 3 of Pentacles, the project is on the right track but the architect is not yet comfortable with eliminating oversight. The craftsman is at most a journeyman, still being supervised by both the man with the plans and the customer, his every stroke scrutinized, while the artisan in the 8 of Pentacles is seasoned and therefore trusted to work independently. There isn’t a boss in sight!

In the 3 of Pentacles, the assembled group seems to be involved in a “cut-to-fit” scenario in which the design is being verified as the work progresses; in the 8 of Pentacles the model has been proven and there is little chance for gross deviation from the blueprint. The Design Engineer can take a vacation and trust that Quality Control will keep production humming along with only a prudent smidgen of intervention. If the 3 of Pentacles is “Work,” we could call the 8 of Pentacles “Proficiency.” Guided work can be performed satisfactorily by any “warm body;” successfully plying a trade assumes personal pride in one’s reputation for quality craftsmanship. Craft guilds were set up to assure that minimum standards were met as well as to protect members from being undercut by hacks.

In a reading I often see the 3 of Pentacles as representing the planning stage of a project. The people involved know where the effort is supposed to go and are in an early phase of implementation but they are still grappling with the residual fluctuations of the unbalanced 2 of Pentacles (perhaps they can’t obtain adequate financing or their suppliers are unreliable); there is, however, time to tweak the approach to produce a more agreeable result.

The 8 of Pentacles is in a steady state, and the only avenue for change seems to be slippage in productivity or quality; the title of “Prudence” warns the craftsman  “Pay attention here!” I see the Eights as being positioned to rectify any indiscretions committed by the Sevens, which take a “leap of faith” into the unknown while the Eights stand by to clean up the splatter. In Pentacles, the Eight  is telling the fallow Seven “Get with the program!” Eight is a multiplication of the binary Two, which is the root of the idea of reciprocal or compensatory action. With the Eight the clarion call of rapprochement isn’t a shrill one-note blast but an entire symphony of overtones. The graph plotter doesn’t draw a simple lemniscate but a many-lobed geometric rosette. In Qabalistic terms Eight is associated with Mercury, so I interpret all of the Eights as potentially representing nervous energy that can degenerate into high-strung anxiety; in the 8 of Pentacles that can mean being overly fussy – even anxious – about the petty details, befitting its Virgo correspondence. It can represent the anal, hovering “Boss from Hell” (which may be one’s own ever-vigilant “inner slave-driver”).

As a postscript, the thought has crossed my mind that the person holding the plans in the 3 of Pentacles might be the “master craftsman” who doesn’t want to get his hands dirty and is directing his minion to do the work, the same way master painters used to have the minor details of their masterpieces painted by others. But he still looks like an architect to me.

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