The “Life’s One-Act Play” Situational Awareness Spread

A long time ago there was a song by British blues band Savoy Brown titled “Life’s One-Act Play.” It struck my as a perfect idea for a small spread that shows the outcome of a single “act” or “scene” in the life of the seeker. It is a three-carder at heart, with an additional summary or “quintessence” card and the option to include more “actors” in the cast of characters. I could see using it to show a “family dynamic” as long as you can keep straight “who’s who” among multiple court cards (although it might be a stretch to tackle the trials and tribulations of Dick Van Patten’s Eight is Enough herd). If you have any doubts about how to calculate the “quint” card, here is a visual walk-through:

I anticipate using Elemental Dignities with this spread to determine if the main character (or any other cast member) will dominate the situation or whether the script and spirit of the scene are too much for him or her to handle.

Life's One-Act Play Spread.JPG

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