A “5:30” Situational Development Example Reading

To test this spread, I chose as my topic the current status of a long-running initiative involving the sale of property. A non-local couple expressed an interest in buying some land early last year in order to be close to relatives when they visit, but a number of obstacles have intervened to prevent it from happening as hoped. As a general comment, the preponderance of Earth and Air cards in this reading conveys the idea of “negotiating over something of material value.”


Five rolls of the die gave me six, one, two, two and five, so I turned those cards face-up in their respective rows. This produced a five card line with the 2 of Wands rx, the 8 of Swords rx, the 4 of Pentacles rx, the King of Swords and the Hierophant.


The 2 of Wands reversed shows that they have been undecided about what to do in trying to settle some business matters that have been blocking their move. The 8 of Swords suggests just how convoluted the situation was and, as far as I know, still is. They also cited the pandemic as keeping them from making good on their intentions, and isolation is certainly reflected in this card. The 4 of Pentacles rx seems stubbornly unresponsive, indicating that the money to make the purchase is tied up, perhaps in an investment, and since this card is elementally hostile to the adjacent cards on both sides there is no immediate solution in sight. The King of Swords is most definitely the lawyer they have engaged to straighten out some of the legal constraints involved in the situation, and the Hierophant implies the institutional customs that must be observed in order to come to closure. Note that these last two could be showing either the situation at their end or the legal and governmental hurdles at the property site. It seems to be saying that the wheels of bureaucracy grind slowly, so the decision could be delayed a while longer.


Although it wasn’t really necessary to reach a verdict, I turned over the “before-and-after” cards for each of the five selected, and the beginning and ending cards in the layout.

The 2 of Wands rx was preceded by Strength rx, telling me that they have been in a quandary over the business ramifications and that their hand is being forced by powers outside their control. These cards are elementally friendly, so something may break in the impasse before long, one way or the other.

The 8 of Swords rx was followed by the 9 of Swords rx, implying that matters could be getting more gloomy instead of less. Two difficult cards of the same element reinforce one another.

The 4 of Pentacles rx was preceded by Judgement and followed by the 2 of Cups rx. This gives the impression that a verdict will be handed down regarding money that may cool their ardor for the time being. The flanking cards are mutually hostile by element, showing non-cooperation, but as a trump card Judgement would seem to be in charge of the purse-strings.

The King of Swords was preceded by the Page of Swords rx and followed by the 5 of Wands. To me this is saying that they are inexperienced in the ways of legal maneuvering and have turned everything over to legal counsel, who is “fighting the good fight” but not making much headway. However, the trio is on the same page elementally, which echoes the testimony of the two cards in the top row. So maybe a breakthrough?

The Hierophant was preceded by the 5 of Pentacles rx and followed by the 3 of Swords. This could mean that they have spent a good chunk of their resources to defray legal and administrative costs and that they may have to face the bitter truth: no deal is forthcoming at this time.

The first card in the layout was the Hanged Man, which is no surprise since this effort has been in the works for over a year-and-a-half waiting for something to happen. The last card was the 3 of Swords, which strongly reinforces what was said above.




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