An All-Purpose “One-on-One” Relationship Spread

Relationship questions are the “bread-and-butter” of professional tarot reading, but most of them relate to romantic matters rather than to the more routine type of interpersonal contact. Here is a spread that examines one-on-one connections of any kind from five different perspectives: 1) the overall health of the relationship, along with its condition from 2) inspirational (Wands); 3) emotional (Cups); 4) intellectual (Swords); and 5) practical (Pentacles) angles. The card in each position shows the nature and quality of the shared experience.

The reading  requires a pre-chosen court-card “Significator” to represent the other person, and uses only the 40 minor cards as a means to convey the common everyday experience of  mutual give-and-take. In addition to the inherent meaning of the card in each position, its elemental “fit” with the underlying nature of the “resident” suit will give an indication of how potent it is in the relationship. Any seriously unbalanced area(s) would present an opportunity for behavioral adjustment or adaptation by the querent, unless the other individual is also amenable to changing.

One-on-One Relationship Spread.JPG

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