A Further Refinement: Lunar Month Look-Ahead for July-August

July-August 2020 Lunar Month.JPG
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The New Moon for July, 2020 occurred on the 20th of the month, 7/20/2020. After I pulled these cards for my monthly “Lunar Month Look-Ahead,” I was thinking about numerologically-derived “birth cards” and “year cards,” and was struck by the idea that a monthly “New Moon” card might be a useful addition to this spread. In this case, 7/20/2020 sums to “13” (Death) and reduces further to “4” (the Emperor). Interestingly, my personal “birth” cards are Death (Scorpio) and the Emperor (Aries), the two different zodiacal “flavors” of Mars, and my astrological Ascendant is in Mars-ruled Scorpio. My “year cards” for 2020 are also Death and the Emperor (6+21+2020 = 2,047 = 2+0+4+7 = 13 = 1+3 =4). Finally, the Emperor showed up reversed in the Full Moon position of the monthly draw. The implication is that momentous events could be afoot for early August. I decided to put the Death card at the central hub of the layout, beneath my usual Moon emblem.

On to the reading. Here are the eight “phase-change”dates for the next ~28-day lunar cycle. Note that the titles are from astrologer Dane Rudhyar’s book The Lunation Cycle and are not standard astronomical terminology.

New Moon – July 20-21
Crescent Moon – July 22-25
First Quarter – July 26-29
Gibbous Moon – July 29-August 1
Full Moon – August 2-4
Disseminating Moon – August 6-9
Last Quarter – August 10-12
Balsamic Moon- August 13-17

New Moon: Page of Cups – It looks like an emotionally tranquil start to the month. Perhaps I will make some new contacts or acquaintances.

Crescent Moon: Magician – I may have an opportunity to perform some more professional tarot readings during this period. Either that or I could become involved in a new skill-based project; I’ve had a couple in mind.

First Quarter: 5 of Cups reversed – A time of subdued discontent. I may have to leave behind something that disappoints me and depart with less than expected for my trouble.

Gibbous Moon: Knight of Swords – Either I will encounter an argumentative younger male or I will be feeling a bit feisty myself. Good energy for “making a case” or “driving home a point.”

Full Moon: Emperor reversed – This card suggests avoidance of responsibility (in military terms “dereliction of duty”) and a possible misuse of authority. This would not be a time to assume an uncompromising stance in response to the conditions signified by the Knight of Swords. Don’t take the bait! Too much defiance could invite a setback of some kind while a conciliatory posture would be more productive. This uncharacteristic discretion could be courtesy of the transfiguring leverage of Death, and the Emperor may not be too happy about the show of weakness.

Disseminating Moon: 4 of Pentacles – Fiscal caution would be a good idea now. This could also show reaping the pragmatic benefits of the Emperor’s reluctant peace-making. However, the commonplace “4” has trouble filling the shoes of the archetypal “IV” in recovering from what may have been perceived as breach of protocol (reversed Emperor). The defensiveness of this card suggests a weak nod to self-preservation after the fierce but flawed offensive of the Emperor.

Last Quarter: 8 of Pentacles reversed – I may have to rework something I thought was completed and “patch up” the deficiencies. The preceding 4 of Pentacles could signify a premature sign-off on unfinished business of the Emperor that didn’t quite measure up to customary standards.

Balsamic Moon: Ace of Swords – A “bright idea” may emerge, perhaps a better way to approach what failed to “jell” with the material circumstances that led to the 8 of Pentacles.

Overall, a quiet month except for the potential need to “pull in my horns” around the time of the Full Moon.

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