The “Friends & Enemies” Situational Awareness and Response Spread

Multi-person conflicts can be tricky because the querent doesn’t always know going into the situation exactly who is a staunch friend and who an undeclared enemy, and how the involvement of each will affect the outcome; in addition there may be veiled factions in both camps that could act as “wild cards,” radically changing the complexion and dynamics of the scenario. The purpose of the spread is to help the querent leverage friendships and keep enemies at arm’s length. It is set up as two “combat zones” in which opponents and supporters square off; one is labeled “Frontal Assault” and addresses open confrontation, while the other is identified as “Flanking Action” and considers more indirect or clandestine maneuvers. The subset of four cards (tactics and strategies) that conveys the greatest potency will be the one that has the most effect on the querent’s objectives, and should be given careful attention.

Friends & Enemies Situational Spread.JPG

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