A Curious Contact

I very seldom have memorable dreams that stay with me long after waking, but the following is a noteworthy exception. Although I’m of divided mind on the existence of “spirit guides,” this certainly seemed to represent that kind of contact. It’s something I should probably pursue more purposefully, since the last time I had such a dream (three years ago) it exhibited a similar pattern.

I had a very vivid dream-within-a-dream last night. In my “real-life” dream, I dreamed that I was walking late at night in a dim city square with no streetlights. It seemed to be well after midnight since there were no other people about. The weather was comfortable and I was dressed in some kind of thin, loose fitting cotton t-shirt and shorts that felt like night-clothes. I found a cafe that I wanted to enter but it was of course closed, it being after normal business hours. Around that time I noticed a small, curly-haired blonde and blue-eyed girl about three years old lurking nearby. (This is not the first time I’ve seen this girl in a dream; the last time was around three years ago, right before my grand-daughter was born, but it was a slightly older version then; we didn’t converse in that dream, and before she disappeared she led me to an old abandoned farm that looked to be of colonial American vintage.) I wondered what the present dream-girl was doing out alone in the middle of the night, but I didn’t approach her.

I turned to go back to the apartment I was sharing with my brother, his girlfriend and three large dogs. As I walked the little girl came up and began matching strides with me. As we moved along a rather large, matronly-looking woman with a very tranquil face came up behind us. I thought it must have been her mother or guardian. I asked the little girl who it was , and she said “That’s Diane.” I turned to Diane and asked, about the little girl, “Where does she belong?” Diane said “She’s from Llama,” which I took to be some kind of orphanage; the obvious reference to “Dalai Lama” didn’t occur to me until I woke up. The little girl grasped my hand and said eagerly “I can teach you magic.” Those were the only other words she spoke to me. Although it would be easy to think otherwise in a Freudian sense, this was all transparently innocent; there was nothing remotely prurient about the dream.

We arrived at the apartment and went in; the little girl (whose name I hadn’t asked) was warmly welcomed by the dogs. One of them was a large terrier that was clearly trying to communicate with her in small, quiet whines and whimpers. There was an orange tiger cat in the apartment that was cuddling with the girlfriend, and my companion transformed herself into a similar-looking kitten and began licking my face. I was immediately reminded of the orange tiger I once “owned” (as if you can own a cat) that had died a few years ago. As I usually do when I see an animal licking someone’s face, I thought “Where was the last place you had that tongue?” This was one of the more reality-based moments in the dream.

A short while later (although there was no sense of time passing), we were sitting at the kitchen table and I noticed that the girl had a third, smaller blue eye in the middle of her forehead; this didn’t seem at all odd so I didn’t ask her about it (although I was curious what she would see if she was able to close the other two). She looked remarkably like the “three-eyed raven” in the Game of Thrones series. I went to a large Yellow Pages book on another table to look up “Llama” but of course it wasn’t there. (I probably should have looked for “Lama” as in “Dalai.”) About that time I awoke from both dreams and immediately went to write it all down.

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