The Fortune Teller Speaks

UPDATE: I’ve received comments that $50 is way under-priced for a reading. It reminds me of the Austin Powers scene where Dr. Evil tries to extort the world’s leaders for “One MILLION dollars!” and everyone present laughs.

Here is another short scrap of doggerel for today.

The Fortune Teller Speaks
The cards fall
Impaling an instant
Of chance and choice
Winged hope hovers
Unsure of the wind
While doubt squats
And grimaces
All too sure
As the tale folds
In upon itself
Like a Chinese puzzle
And spits out a splinter
Of maybe
The ancient diviner hunches
Over the map
Frowning, then slowly
The auguries align
The cards vector
A fugitive insight
She smiles
Gap-toothed and rheumy
Then cackles slyly
“All is well.
That will be $75, please.”

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