“Walking the Line” – A Situational Awareness & Response Spread

My father’s generation had a number of colorful threats aimed at bringing unruly kids back into line. These began with “You’re walking a fine line, Mister!” and ended with a thunderous “You’re cruisin’ for a bruisin’!!!”, the second one thankfully almost never executed; delivered with enough intensity, the ominous alliteration was enough to compel immediate obedience. Here I’m using the “fine line” metaphor to convey the distinction between overreacting and under-reacting in any problem-solving scenario, the kind of even-handed finesse admirably conveyed by the Temperance card. Because I’m using an odd number of cards, there is no chance to reach equilibrium in this outlook; either action or inaction will always stand out as the recommended response.

This is another “mixed-media” advice spread, this time using dominoes and cards. The dominoes are mixed face-down on the tabletop and five are drawn randomly to populate the central line. The deck is then shuffled and ten cards are laid face-down in the “odd” and “even” spread positions. The tiles are turned over and the number of spots on each determines whether the “odd” card above or the “even” card below is turned over for the reading. This linear or staggered series of five cards is read as advice for dealing with the subject of the reading; more odd-positioned cards than even recommend a forthright response and an even-dominated line advises patience. (The odd and even designations only reflect the position in the spread, not necessarily the face value of the cards). A quintessence card (always a trump card) is then calculated from the face-up cards; the “quint” is read as the long-range position that will most likely result from the action or inaction pursued as described in the main reading. Reversals may be used with this spread. Elemental Dignities can also be applied to the “Turning Point” card to show whether it is best to stay with the initial stance or adjust it to changing circumstances.

Walking the Line Situational Spread.JPG

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